Combined Drawing Machine

Pre Straightening unit

The pre-straightening unit performs initial wire straightening for the wire fed up to the drawing die. Final bar straighteness is assured because residual coil stress is released before drawing.

drawing unit

The natural rotational action of the drawing FLANGE CAM is converted into a liner motion to drive the draw carriage. Wire is gripped by the jaws in the carriage and pulled through the drawing dies.

fine Straightening unit

Bar exiting the draw dies are straightened through vertical and horizontal rollers.

flying shears cutting unit

Flying Shearing units are available with shear type. Specifiction of the flying shear will depend on the type of wire processed.

Straightening & Polishing unit

Polishing and straightning units uses to disc pairs equiped with from 5 nozzles that simultaneously straightned and polish the bar.

Straightening & Polishing unit

The 2-roll type uses over-and-under roller to straighten and polish the bar. Roller pressure is automatically adjusted.

Range Power Consumption Speed
ø 5mm - ø 15mm 75 H.P 5m/min. - 40m/min.
ø 10mm - ø 28mm 160 H.P 5m/min. - 30m/min.